Perinatal Comfort Care

The anticipated birth of a new baby brings much joy and excitement to families. But what happens when the news comes that their much-loved unborn baby has a life-limiting medical condition that will likely result in death?

Within moments of the devastating news parents are faced with a major decision, a decision to choose life or death. But today there is hope for families faced with a critical prenatal diagnosis.

Perinatal Comfort Care is a compassionate response that provides families with clear and relevant information that focuses on the needs of the parents as well as the baby. Our Mission… Provide a nurturing and safe partnership for families as they navigate the path following a life-limiting pre-natal diagnosis that will likely result in a pre-born or newborn death.

Our desire is to provide practical expert guidance, education and compassionate support as plans are made to honor the life of the baby, while seeking to relieve the emotional suffering and preserving the dignity and integrity of the family.


If you would like a referral, please call Program Coordinator Kathy DeSanto at 813-498-0474 or email


How are referrals made to Perinatal Comfort Care of Tampa?
Referrals can be made by physician or other health care provider, family member or friend. Parents may also request a referral.

Are there any costs involved?
Our program of support is offered at no cost to the family.

How is Perinatal Comfort Care of Tampa funded?
Our organization is supported through private gifts, memorials, donations and community grants.