Passages of Hope

Thoughts of a past abortion haunt millions of women and men as they struggle with their memories and the deep spiritual wounding they’ve experienced long after the procedure is over.

It may be months or years before a woman feels she can talk to someone about her abortion. She doesn’t know where to go for help and often feels she is the only one experiencing this kind of pain and shame from what she’s done. Everything seemed to make her think abortion was the best solution and now she is questioning the emptiness she is tormented with as she lives in a place of silent grief. Our 9 week Bible Study Support Groups provide a safe women-only environment for healing, hope and wholeness.

Men also experience symptoms of grief and regret for abortions in their past. We provide safe men-only groups to help men recover from their loss and claim the freedom of forgiveness and relief that comes through these 9 week bible Study Recovery and Support Groups.

There is restoration. There is forgiveness, healing, peace and hope for the future. That is what Passages of Hope is all about.

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